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Dave Stewart discusses the Aaron Hill/Jean Segura trade

Diamondbacks General Manager Dave Stewart discussed the recent trade with the Brewers with the media. Here are some of the lead sound-bites to emerge from that.

Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports
  • "The deal which we did today is a move that organizationally, we felt comfortable doing and felt there was a need to do."
  • "After losing Ender Inciarte, we had a little bit of discomfort about where we were offensively."
  • "Jean Segura is a guy we can hit at the top of the order if we chose to, and with the opportunity to make a move like that, we felt we would do it."
  • Will he be the starting shorstop? "We always like to look at our camps as a competitive camp. We want to make sure that we don't overlook the job Nick Ahmed did for us defensively last year. When all's said and done, the guy the plays the best will get the job."
  • "Wagner adds to our rotation. I knew Chase would have to be part of the deal, and our biggest concern was where we would get pitching depth. He's just an addition to the depth in our rotation."
  • "The majority of [Segura's] playing time in spring will be at shortstop. We're a running baseball team, and we expect him to be a big part of that portion of our game."
  • How much money did you have to absorb? "I really don't want to get into how much money we absorbed. I just don't want to talk about that."
  • "Chase [Anderson] has been a very serviceable guy with this organization. Chase has an opportunity to be a very good pitcher at the major league level at some point, and it could be very soon. But we had an opportunity to add a piece to our club that I think is going to be a positive force."
  • "Adding Wagner back into the mix leaves us where we were [in terms of pitching depth]"
  • [Isan Diaz] "was one of the first names that came out of their mouths - Ray Montgomery is over there. Isan had a very productive year, but if you look through our minor-league system, middle infield is an area of strength for us."
  • What do you like most about the deal? "The ability to add a little more offense, to give us a top of the line-up hitter and speed, and Segura is a good defensive player. And you are hoping for big things from Tyler Wagner. He's a good #4/5 starter - he doesn't have an ounce of quit in him - if not now, in the near future."
  • "It does give us flexibility, as does the dollars saved. When you make a move to get some flexibility, it opens it up to look at other possibilities. We've been looking at middle relievers and closers, to try and get better. If there's a deal out there, we have to look at it... The bullpen as a whole, from the seventh to the back end, is an area we're looking at to get better, whether internally or through a trade."
  • Can you see Nick Ahmed playing 2B? "It's difficult for me to make a comment on that. We'll have to get into spring training and see... I know Nick has been working on some things this winter, and has the capability to be a better offensive player for us."