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New Arizona Diamondbacks spring training uniforms announced

What? The seven regular season outfits not enough for you? Have some Cactus League duds and caps!

For those suffering from uniform fatigue, in the team's defense, this is not a decision by the D-backs, but part of a wholesale change across both Cactus and Grapefruit League. According to Chris Creamer, "Jerseys are all part of the new Flex Base “uniform system” developed by Majestic, this new template is not exclusive to Spring Training, it will be worn throughout the regular season as well. Via a host of player feedback over the last two years, the new “Flex Base” jerseys are now anywhere between 10-20% lighter, will feature a lighter weight twill for application of logos and player name/numbers, and will also have new mesh panels up either side of the jersey".

I'm sure the players will appreciate that lightness - even in March, it can get pretty warm in the sun at Salt River! Also of note, the caps now have a logo on the side, identifying whether the team is part of the Cactus or Grapefruit League, which is a nice touch. Rather than being plain blocks, the names and numbers on the jersey will also now have a subtle design in the background, featuring what's being called "general Florida and Arizona imagery". I'm just guessing, but feel sure there'll be a saguaro in there somewhere. Unless they buck the trend and go with a jackalope, which would be nice.