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Happy New Year! [And January confidence poll]

All the best for 2016, may it bring you everything you want. As long as that includes a Diamondbacks' World Series title, anyway. Everything else? You're on your own...

Carl Court/Getty Images

While we're here, let's also survey the state of Diamondbacks' fandom with regard to their overall confidence. Below, you will find a poll, ranging from 1 (not at all confident in the slightest) to 9 (very, very, very confident). As we go into the New Year, how do you feel about the Diamondbacks in 2016?

Yes, I appreciate this is an extremely open-ended question, with words like "confidence" and "feel". There are no right or wrong answers here - unless your answer is "broccoli", in which case you are entirely wrong and should feel bad. Beyond that, do not look for any help from this direction, you are entirely on your own here. You are welcome to explain your choice in the comments, however.

We'll be revisiting this topic on the first of each month for the rest of the year, and I'm keen to see how the needle moves over the course of the year, first as the rest of the off-season moves, and then as we head through spring training and its meaningless games, to the 162 contests that actually count for something - then, hopefully a few more which matter in October.

You can also tell us in the comments what you predict and/or expect for 2016, your New Year's Resolution with regard to the team, and any other hopes, fears, dreams and nightmares for the coming 12 months.

Happy New Year, folks!