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Dbacks 2, Giants 6

The game was decided in the top of the first inning, tonight. Chase Anderson seemed to be doing well through the first two innings, but then the wheels completely came off. He allowed five straight hits, including home runs to Gregor Blanco and Tim Hudson, and four runs before Hale pulled him. Silvano Bracho came on and, despite finally recording the first two outs of the inning, allowed an inherited runner to score. A Panik home run in the ninth added to the lead, giving the Giants six runs on the night

The offense wasn't much better than the starting pitching tonight, either. Tim Hudson sat down eight in a row, six in a row by easy ground outs, to start the game, and ended up only giving one run on the night, despite loading the bases in the fourth with only one out. Once again, plenty of blame to go around tonight, but in the end, it's just another loss, and one step closer to the offseason, when we'll all be wishing we could watch another Dbacks loss. Full recap to follow