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Diamondbacks 6, Giants 1: D-Backs put Giants into a labored daze

The Diamondbacks snap a losing streak and make the Giants sad, which makes me happy.

Everyday I'm Gosselin'
Everyday I'm Gosselin'
Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

There's not much to say about the Diamondbacks as a concept at this point. We sort of know what their high points are, and we've recently experienced their low points. They just are. I mean, they're fun to watch sometimes, and today was one of those times, especially opposing a rival who has been nosediving recently. Watching Patrick Corbin do well is nice, and watching a Giants deadline acquisition on a floundering team is always nice (Mike Leake and Carlos Beltran can start a Facebook group or something.)

Phil Gosslein got the scoring started by hitting his second three-run homer of his short time up against Leake to make it 3-0. Obviously this is a sign that we won the trade and I will not accept any other opinions otherwise, especially if you think the previous statement had any actual weight behind it and wasn't a throwaway line.

The Diamondbacks loaded the bases in the 4th for Patrick Corbin at the plate. He hit a bloop to left that scored a run to make it 4-0. A.J. Pollock, the next batter (in case you couldn't immediately imply that), hit a sac fly to make it 5-0. Gosslein made a nifty slide to avoid the tag and score.

On his next at-bat, Pollock added a singular scoring run home run to left to make it 6-0. That chased Leake from the game and into the Shame Closet.

Corbin, on the pitching end, was very effective. He went 6 innings with 0 runs and 6 hits allowed as well as no walks and 5 strikeouts. He was pulled after 85 pitches. It's late in the season and trying to save his arm. I get it. Randall Delgado pitched a scoreless 7th (possibly aided by a questionable foul call at first base with Angel Pagan up with two outs. Also on that play it looked like Paul Goldschmidt hurt his hand in a non-serious fashion diving for the ball. That also lines up with my life philosophy: Never try hard at anything, kids.)

Of interest: Ryan Vogelsong, who was the scheduled starter for the Giants tomorrow, came in to pitch the 7th, because Bruce Bochy likes to spend that World Series goodwill on weird things.

Daniel Hudson came in to the 8th, and thanks to Joe Panik and Buster Posey and the concept of unhappiness, the shutout was erased on an the aforementioned Posey's RBI single. That made it 6-1. Despite giving up another hit, and prophecies of apocalyptic disaster yelled in the GDT if Huddy was kept it, he got out of the inning without allowing any more runs.

Brad Ziegler came in for the 9th for the first time since that game in Denver last Monday which was bad. He got a 1-2-3 inning to seal the win.

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Work Weekend: Corbin +23.2%
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More of this tomorrow, if that's your thing.