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Diamondbacks 0, Cubs 2

At least this one was quick and relatively painless?

David Banks/Getty Images

The Diamondbacks threatened in the top of the first, as a pair of two-out hits by Paul Goldschmidt and David Peralta, followed by a stolen base from Peralta, put two in scoring position. However, Jarrod Saltalamacchia struck out swinging. I mention this, because it was the closest Arizona came to scoring off Jake Arrietta, who showed why he had gone 6-0 with a 0.43 ERA and a no-hitter in August. He faced the minimum from the second through Salty's two-out double in the seventh, the only baserunner being a Jake Lamb single, who was immediately erased on a double-play.

Robbie Ray didn't pitch badly, but as usual, needed a lot of pitches. He struck out eight over five innings, but that took almost a hundred pitches. He got into trouble in the fourth, loading the bases with nobody out, but allowed just the one run there. A solo home to Dexter Fowler came in the fifth, Ray giving up a total of four hits and three walks. The rest of the bullpen were solid, but this was a day when the offense was basically handcuffed, though we actually outhit the Cubs 6-4. Two of those hits came in the ninth, including Goldie's second of the day, but we came up empty there too.