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SnakePitFest 2015

We're delighted to announce SnakePitFest 2015, will be taking place on Sunday, September 13, when we face the Dodgers at Chase Field.

The asteroids have again generously exchanged their unused season tickets for a block to the Sep 13 game, and donated them to us for this purpose. We thus pass them on, on a first-come first-served basis, and no money is expected to change hands. However, asteroid would like recipients to "do something kind and unexpected," passing on the goodwill, which seems perfectly reasonable to us. I would also remind attendees they will be expected to cheer loudly [for the D-backs, duh], and in particular, loud "baaaaahh"-ing will be required when Jake Lamb comes to the plate.

We'll likely be meeting at the Rose & Crown on 7th Street before the game, so tickets can be handed out from there. If you'd like to join the 'Pit for this afternoon contest, simply speak up in the comments and we'll add you to the list, until the tickets have all been allocated. Current attendees are as follows:

  • The asteroids
  • Mr. and Mrs. SnakePit
  • emilylovesthedbacks
  • The socos
  • Dbacksskins + jinnah
  • GuruB
  • Clefo + 1
  • danzews7 + 1
  • songbird
  • The ford.williams.10's
  • Turambar

Hope to see some more of you there!