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The Last Road Series of the Season - Snakes and Padres

One final hurrah, one last dive into the suitcase and we can leave our worries and troubles behind us.... We enter this final series sporting a 4-3 record for this trip and it's been a case of good news, bad news... while it's nice to be winning, oh so much more was within our grasp. Yet, we shouldn't dwell on what could have been and instead our focus should be on what might be....

Matt Kemp is looking for his career, can YOU help him find it?
Matt Kemp is looking for his career, can YOU help him find it?
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

Big Mo

How can you decide where the momentum is when both teams are 5-5 over their last ten?  We have a one game lead for that ever more important 3rd place within the division as we all know how critical the optics are on maintaining that position with all of the revenue ties and public perception implications that are at stake by maintaining this position.  It would strike a mortal blow to the blogging punditry for all of the offseason projections and Winning the Winter.  It's the difference between being perceived as being on the way to being a contender and being considered a long way off.  Not to mention the possible implications to the hopes of nuclear disarmament.


Rubby DeLaRosa vs. Casey Kelly (0-0/4.50/2.50)

Mr. Kelly has all of 2 IP of MLB experience at this point.  Hard to say if his numbers are an indicator of actual skill and talent or if we're simply talking SSS and this guy warranted a look by the big league club to see what they had or if he's just another arm to take up part of the load.  He is coming off of Tommy John surgery as he underwent the procedure to have a 1lb package of Jimmy Dean removed from his elbow.

Jeremy Hellickson vs. Robbie Erlin (0-1/21.00/3.33)

Robbie has been on the cusp of staying on the roster but never quite having the chops to stay up as he always has been maddeningly close but not quite getting there, he's like the Nick Evans equivalent for the Padres pitching staff.

Jhoulys Chacin vs. James Shields (13-6/3.86/1.31)

I think this one is the ultimate audition for Mr. Chacin.  Another solid performance and he probably gets another looksy in Spring Training.  If he puts in a sucktastic performance, then he'll receive a warm and firm handshake as the FO wishes him well on his further endeavors.


Tyson Ross - 3.3

James Shields - 2.0

Joaquin Benoit - 1.7

Justin Upton - 3.6

Yangervis Solarte - 2.4

Matt Kemp - 2.2

Derek Norris - 2.1


My opinion is that we should rack these guys mercilessly and be out to the woodshed early and often and I'm gonna be bold and predict that we get tacos every game.  If nothing else to get the bad taste of not finishing the job of the last two days behind the team.


Derek Norris is related to Chuck Norris thru marriage... yes it's complicated.