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Calm yourselves, it's September

Let's get some perspective.

Stephen Dunn/Getty Images

Look people, we have less than 10 days left in the season. This season can be classified as "Eh, alright." by all accounts considering last year and the expectations coming into the season. Right now we're riding out the rest of the season because MLB won't allow teams not involved in races to just take an early vacation.

With that in mind: Can we, like, not get bent out of shape of late September game results? The Diamondbacks aren't in a playoff race, Chip Hale doesn't need to be flogged in public for every time he brings a reliever you don't like. (and you decide you don't like him because he gave up a single after he came in) It's okay to feel disappointed after a loss, of course, but try to keep it in its proper prism. A boring 3-1 loss to the Padres in front of 4,000 people at Petco, after the season has winded down probably won't have any effect, positive or negative, on the 2016 team.

Also the Baseball Reference player splits page can be your friend before posting any hot takes about a player in a comments section, because it's good to check before you write "A.J. POLLOCK IS GARBAGE AGAINST LEFTIES" and sincerely mean it.

But seriously, the immediate knee-jerk reaction to a single point of data or event in a 162 game season is kind of gross, and I blame Football for that mentality. Well, not the sport itself, but its ubiquitous coverage, especially the NFL. I'd expand more on this thesis, but I have to go to work soon, connect your own dots.

Also: I'm with soco: Maple Syrup snobbery is the woooooooooorst. Same with beer. You are not morally superior because you paid an exorbitant amount of money for some IPA with a vaguely clever name with more hops than common sense, whereas I can pay rent this month without selling a kidney by having a PBR.