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Dbacks 8, Dodgers 0

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

Tonight was defined by very good pitching from both teams' starters tonight. Alex Wood was very good for the Dodgers, holding the Diamondbacks to only two runs on the night in six and a third innings. In addition to that, he only gave up three hits, one a home run, and no walks, plus six strikeouts. Most games that would be enough to get himself the win, however...

Robbie Ray was even better. He gave up three hits as well, but did give up two walks. The difference was he kept the Dodgers from scoring all night. He had a few rough patches, including loading the bases in the first inning. However, he also had stretches were he was completely dominate, including back-to-back, 1-2-3 innings to finish his night off in the fifth and sixth.

The Dbacks put it completely out of hand in the ninth, when they added a five spot to the board. The crown jewel of the inning came when Brandon Drury hit his first MLB home run with runners on second and third to give the Dbacks their final score of 8-0. Full recap to follow!