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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball: Playoffs, Round 1

The post-season is under way in our fantasy baseball league,. and we had some very close match-ups in the first round...

Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports
Championship Bracket

AZ Snakepit (#4 seed) 5, Waffles (#5) 5
An amazingly close game, with nothing to separate the sides on the day here. Snake dominated on offense, behind Harper's five HR, 12 R week, with Gutierrez adding three HR. But Waffles countered on the mound, where McHugh got a Win and 12 K's. The tie-breaker sends us back to the regular season record - but when they faced off in Week 10, it was a tie there too! The official rules state when that happens, the higher seed wins, so Snake slither in to the semis.

What the Hellickson (#3) 6, Rougned Hodor (#6) 4
Another extremely close contest: What took RBI by one and ERA by .07, enough to allow them to move on the next round. They'll thus be thanking Desmond, who drove in eight runs, and Lackey, who got a W, eight K's and a zero ERA for them. Rougned got three Saves by Melancon and Rizzo drove in seven runs, but Kelly's brutal 11.57 ERA for the week likely doomed them in the final reckoning. No player managed more than one home-run for either side here.

Consolation Bracket

Angry Saguaro (#9) 4, Socrates Burritos (#12) 5
HR ended level, at eight apiece, and that was just enough for Socrates to pull off the biggest upset of the first round in either bracket. Gattis led their offense, with two HR and eight RBI, while Cole's Win and 17 strikeouts was the best performance by a pitcher. The Saguaro received three home-runs by Carpenter, and Abreu had nine RBI. Simon picked up a W and seven K's for them, but their team ERA for the week was an ugly 7.20.

Mizzoula Osprey (#10) 3, Yasmany as Possible (#11) 5
Another surprise here, with Yasmnay beating a higher seed to go through. A 2.96 team ERA was a big help, with Zimmermann picking up a W and 15 strikeouts for them. Cabrera's two HR and nine RBI led their offense, and SB and Sv categories both ended level. The Osprey got good pitching from both Lester (W + 16 K) and Martines (W + 15 K), but came up short at the plate, where they managed only three HR with 18 RBI for the week.

Week 24 games
Championship Bracket

AZ SnakePit (#4 seed) vs. Trail-Hitters (#1)
Alabama Slammers (#2) vs. What the Hellickson? (#3)

Consolation Bracket

MyWieterGetzLongoria (#8) vs. Socrates Burritos (#12)
CGS (#7) vs. Yasmany as Possible (#11)
5th/6th place: Waffles (#5) vs Rougned Hodor (#6)
11th/12th place: Angry Saguaro (#9) vs Mizzoula Osprey (#10)