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Snakebytes 9/21: Hellickson Is an OK Pitcher

So it wasn't exactly a win, but maybe Jeremy has some trade value in the off season now?

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What Happened Yesterday Besides Football

San Francisco Giants still fighting, beat Arizona Diamondbacks 5-1 - The San Francisco Giants beat the Arizona Diamondbacks 5-1 Sunday in their last efforts of making it into the postseason. However, their playoff chances are not looking good, as their "magic number" for elimination is now at five.

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Other Diamondback News

ARIZONA AT LOS ANGELES (Preview) - From 2011-14, Brett Anderson won nine games as injuries drastically slowed a promising career. Healthy and approaching career highs in starts and innings pitched, he is in a position to pass that four-season win total in his first year in Los Angeles.


2015 Arizona Diamondbacks: what went right? - Last week I wrote about what went wrong for the 2015 Arizona Diamondbacks. Such an article would not be necessary if everything went wrong (such was the case with the team in 2014). But the 2015 D'Backs actually had hope thanks to a few big contributors.

Diamondbacks Minor League Year in Review - This season was much better for fans of the Arizona Diamondbacks than last season. The team was in contention well into July and even made a little noise in August. In fact, they are still technically in the playoff hunt, but with their elimination number standing at one, they would need nothing short of a statistical miracle to get a wild card spot.

Big Ben takes a toll on 49ers (Wait, how'd this get in here?)

Other Non-DBacks/Non-Football News

Game of Throws: Cards nab Cubs in Best Drama

Week Ahead: October tickets to be punched

Postseason Picture if the Regular Season ended today