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Diamondbacks 1, Giants 5

Well, guess it couldn't last forever...

Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

To his credit,. Jeremy Hellickson did take the shutout streak into the sixth inning, which is five innings further than he took a shutout last time he took the mound. But when it ended, it ended very quickly, as the Giants scored four runs in the bottom of the sixth without an out being recorded. The first two reached against Hellickson, and with the shutout gone, Chip Hale turned to Delgado, who walked one batter then allowed a three-run homer to St. Buster. Good work. Delgado! After that, it was mostly the B-bullpen, with the likes of Keith Hessler, Silvino Bracho and Matt Stites all making appearances.

It was the turn of the Diamondbacks' offense not to show up, as we were held to six hits, though that was actually the same number as the Giants. Theirs were arranged more productively, however: we were being shut out until David Peralta cranked one out of AT&T Park in the ninth inning. He had two hits and a walk, and Ender Inciarte had three-quarters of the remainder [work it out...] The loss mathematically eliminates the Diamondbacks from contention, I believe, but does also make it unlike the Dodgers will clinch against us: if the LA score stands, they would need to win all four games, and the Giants lose all three in San Diego.

angry_saguaro will be along in a bit with the guest recap.