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Hope is dumb, but necessary

As we look ahead to 2016, we hope, and even logical and well thought out legitimate reasons to think the Diamondbacks will contend seem pie and the sky.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Everything is setting up for a preseason narrative of "The Diamondbacks could really shift gears this year and contend!" You might roll your eyes and say "Clefo, if that is your real name which it probably isn't, that's all preseason/spring training narratives for all teams in all sports!" And you are more or less right, but the Diamondbacks are reeeeealllly setting themselves up for it.

The offense as constructed right now is pretty good. The Catching position was a black hole of despair coming into the season, however Dave Stewart went up to Tony La Russa and said "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

Now granted, Welington Castillo and Jarrod Saltalamacchia aren't the most defensively gifted catching duo, to put it nicely, but Castillo has been hitting dingers at a rate that Mark Trumbo only did in Kevin Towers' fever dreams, and if he can carry even half of that into next season, hoo boy look out!

And that pitching staff! If (insert any random starter from this year's team that is young and inconsistent) can get it together, watch out! And we could sign (insert 7 yr/$100 MM FA pitcher here), that would be swell, I tell you what mister!

I am here to tell you right now, this is a fool's errand. The problems with this year's Diamondbacks are theoretically fixable, but the Entropy of Baseball means that some other new problem will probably pop up. Such is the way of things. It almost makes it seem like hoping is wasted on this team sometimes.

And yet...

You can't not hope. For all the entropy and sadness and whatever, everything could still come through for the Diamondbacks. And if you didn't have some sliver of hope, bringing in the new season would be a drag, rather than a fun and exciting time that signals the end of FOOTBAW. So yes, even if it doesn't come to pass, get excited for 2016, you have no reason not to.

On the other hand, if in December you see a headline like "A.J. Pollock is really into Scientology now".....