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Dbacks 6, Padres 4

It really took a while for the Diamondbacks to get going in this one. The pitching kept the team in the game for the most part, keeping them down by only two going into the bottom of the seventh. After finally getting Tyson Ross out of the game, the Dbacks pounced on a menagerie of Padres relievers. They put a five spot on the board, giving the Dbacks their first lead of the game. That was basically all the offense they had on the night, but it was enough in the end.

Meanwhile the pitching was something of a mixed bag. Jhoulys Chacin started and delivered a good, not great five inning start. The bullpen was equally meh, with Hudson being the worst performer, loading the bases before being removed for Zeigler, who himself got the four out save. Overall, a fairly boring game, with most of the action coming in the later half of the game. Full recap to follow.