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The Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

Success down on the farm, not so much for the D-backs. Or their facility...

Raining at the Chase! @dbacks @azcentral #rainindoors
Raining at the Chase! @dbacks @azcentral #rainindoors
@BennyTheSpoke, via Twitter

Tweet of the Week

Honorable mentions

I laughed, then felt bad. Then laughed again. I'm so conflicted...

The Games in Diamondbacks Tweets

Diamondbacks 2, Giants 6

Hey, Jody! Star Trek or Star Wars?

Diamondbacks 2, Giants 1

Diamondbacks 12, Dodgers 4

Diamondbacks 5, Dodgers 9

Diamondbacks 3, Dodgers 4

Since I was actually at this one, you will get my Tweets and like it, dammit!

Diamondbacks 3, Padres 10

The Week in McCarthy Tweets