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SnakePitFest 2015 final instructions

Tomorrow is SnakePitFest 2015, so in case you are unclear on the concepts, here are the details.

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Here are the attendees present at this point: we still have about a handful of tickets spare, so if anyone would like to attend, pipe up in the comments below.

  • The asteroids
  • Me (sadly, Mrs. SnakePit was unable to get the time off work)
  • emilylovesthedbacks
  • The socos
  • Dbacksskins + jinnah
  • GuruB
  • Clefo + 1
  • danzews7 + 1
  • songbird
  • The ford.williams.10's
  • Turambar

The plan is to meet at the Rose & Crown which is on 7th St just north of the Science Center. I aim to arrive round about 11:30 am, depending on where I find to park. From there till game time, we'll be chatting and handing out tickets, before heading over to Chase Field for the game. And, hopefully a shot at a Diamondbacks sweep over the Los Angeles Dodgers, though that will involve both how Rubby De La Rosa performs this afternoon, and how we do against Greinke on Sunday. But, hey, as always, it should be lots of fun regardless.