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The 2015 September Diamondbacks face off

Who'd win, if the 2015 September D-backs battled against the OTHER 2015 September D-backs?

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

This is based off a Tweet from AZ Central's Zach Buchanan on Tuesday.

It isn't actually ALL the players now on the roster, as he realized afterward he forgot Jhoulys Chacin, but this is merely for a bit of off-day amusement anyway.  Let's take a quick look through each position and see whether Squad A or Squab B had the edge.

  • 1B. Who's got Goldie? Well, duh. Squad A
  • 2B. Gosselin has impressed since his call-up, but small sample-size. I'll go for the veteran presence. Squad B
  • SS. This one kinda depends which version of Owings shows up. The one from the past month, who has hit .283? On currenr form, Squad A
  • 3B. A pair of promising rookie face off, and not much between them. Lamb does have slightly more experience and track record though. Squad B
  • OF. Meshiing all three of these spots into one decision, I think Pollock's awesomeness this year tips the balance for Squad B
  • C. Salty has been surprisingly decent this year, but you have to ask: Where's the Beef? Squad B
  • Rotation. Corbin has been our best pitcher, De La Rosa has the best stuff and Godley has pitched above expectations. Not very close, I think. Squad A
  • Bullpen. There aren't many of our relief pitchers in whom I have full confidence, as I realized yesterday when we were (admittedly, successfully in the end!) protecting a one-run lead. But the back end of Squad A looks perilously thin. Squad B.

Overall, it's pretty close. I can see Corbin probably pitching Squad A to victory in the opening game, but what happens in the second would depend very much on where the Wheel O' De :La Rosa stopped. It wouldn't surprise me if this went to a decider, with Godley vs. Hellickson, and I would hate to have to stake my life on that choice! So, who'd you reckon would win this one? Maybe we need to get Charlie run one of his patented simulations and figure this out through the application of more scientific methods...