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Dbacks 5, Rockies 3

The offense was fairly quiet for basically all of the game tonight, and it looked like they were going to hang Rubby De La Rosa with an undeserved loss. However, they finally got the bats going in the seventh when they put up a four spot on the scoreboard. A hit by pitch and a walk set up an Aaron Hill RBI double to tie the game, and get Rubby out of the line for the loss. Then AJ Pollock hit a two run home run to give the Diamondbacks a 5-3 lead.

As I mentioned, the loss would have been undeserved for Rubby, had he been stuck with it. He ended up going six innings, six hits, three runs, and no walks at Coors Field. If you hold the Rockies to three runs at home, you should be able to win that game most of the time, and the Diamondbacks did. Full recap to follow shortly!