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Diamondbacks 2, Reds 0: Good. Bad. I'm the guy with the Beercap

Well, hello, Mr. Fancy Pants.

Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Record: 53-55. Pace: 80-82. Change on 2014: +6.

A Groovy night for baseball.

Beer 1:  A pitcher of Dragoon IPA
  • Just barely beat out the storm getting to OHSO.  Yes, that's right, a change in venue for once.  Though I just missed out on happy hour, theirs is the best.  $6 for a pitcher of any locally brewed beer?  Can't be beat.
  • Might get kicked out of my perch out on the patio, another storm front about to move in.  Normally no big deal, but for some baffling reason the patio is the only place with internet.......sigh.
  • annnnnnnnnd it got rained out.  Surprise.  I now find myself set up next to the brewing equipment, which is cool, and blessedly the internet juuuuuuuuuussttttt reaches me. 
  • Zombie night?  Maybe I should make this a Army of Darkness themed recap?  I think I shall.
  • Anderson.  Looking a bit rusty so far.  Allowing some very hard hit balls in the first.  Still gets through without any blood given, but one must wonder what this game has in store for him.
  • Yesterday was National IPA Day so just about half the taps are full of hoppy goodness.  With that in mind I will not be treating readers to anything coming close to variety.  Just IPAs

(Goldy) "This is my boomstick!"

Beer 2:  Puff, Puff Mash session IPA by OHSO Brewing
  • The name makes it sound pretty dank huh?  Just like this Dbacks offense yo.
  • Iglesias allows the first two batter to get on in front of Lord Goldy, regrettably Goldy's boomstick has been lacking of late and shows it as he pops out after bring the count to 3-1.  Sigh.
  • Peralta though brought his boomstick today and brings in Inciarte with a single.  Hail to the king baby!  1-0 Dbacks
  • Anderson must have said the word correctly this inning as Merlin advised.  1.2.3 go the Reds.
  • do the Dbacks unfortunately.  Still 1-0 going into the 3rd.

It's groovy to be winning.

Beer 3:  Hops and Dreams dry hopped IPA by OHSO
  • When I brew I dry hop the "F" out of everything.  Seriously.  If you want to ensure your beer has the freshest hop aroma and taste: dry hop.
  • Billing "F'n" Hamilton.  This guy is stupid crazy fast.  51 stollen bases on the year.  FIFTY ONE!!!!!!!  That's literally insane and it's without the aid of solid fuel rockets strapped to is back.  Luckily he's not quite fast enough to beat out an inning ending double play.
  • Both Anderson and Iglesias appeared to have settled in.  Maybe I wont reach that fifth beer this recap after all....

[game }"You found this game beautiful once." 
[Goldy] "Ya babe, but you got real pitch-duely"

Beer 4:  Blood, Sweat and Beers IPA by OHSO
  • Another great IPA, but this one has a far more pronounced citrusy flavor about it.  Nom nom nom
  • Seriously, I'm a baseball fan and certainly respect pitching duels, but I would really like to see a little offense.  Is that so much to ask?!!?!?
  • I wish Anderson  Just wow.  The top of the 5th goes from two runner on with no out to a wild series of throws and miss-throws that leads to two out with only one on and no one scored.  Just wow.
  • The wild play is challenged, and rightfully so, but luckily things go our way as the call is upheld.  Anderson dodging bullets like Neo up there.  Still 1-0 going into the bottom of the 5th.  Somehow.
  • The pitching duel continues into the bottom of the 6th.  Seems like both Iglesias and Anderson shop smart, S-Mart that is.  You got that!!!!!

[Spinach Chin ]"The words.  Repeat the!" 
[Goldy] "There.  Will.  Be.  No.  Offense."

Beer 5:  Day Dream IPA with mangoes and pineapple by OHSO
  • Way way way more mango and pineapple than I thought, but still yummy.
  • Looks like AJ heard the words and chose to misspeak them as he hits a two out double with Goldy on deck.  Perhaps I spoke too soon?
  • Nope, Goldy still struggling and we're going into the 7th, still 1-0 Dbacks.
  • Castillo, the Duke of Welington comes through again.  Crushes an opposite field homer and cushions our lead just a bit.  2-0 Dbacks.
  • Hill does a thing!  Two three things!  Single, steal and advances to third.  Perhaps this is Bad Hill, the one pitchers used to fear?
  • Still 2-0 going into the 9th as we just can't quite be as cool as Ash.
  • Winning!!!!! Done.. Thanks all for reading this nonsense.


Bells and Whistles, by Jim

[click for details, at]
Army of Darkness: Chase Anderson, +46.4%
The Evil Dead remake: Paul Goldschmidt, -7.8%

Solid volume in the GDT, getting towards 500 - not bad for a game with no offense to speak of. James Attwood and freeland1787 ended tied for the top spot, with GuruB in third. Also present were: Clefo, DeadmanG, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Makakilo, MrMrrbi, NumberOneIanKennedyFan31, Oldenschoole, Re Tired, gamepass, hotclaws, makattack71, noblevillain, onedotfive, porty99, preston.salisbury, soco and thunderpumpkin87. Comment of the thread to soco for the sole Sedona Red comment, in response to a statement that Frazier is pretty good.

Tomorrow, it is, of course, Randy Johnson's number 51 getting retired, which will be quite a special event. Our own fireballing left-hander, Robbie Ray, gets the honor of the start!