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The Week in Diamondbacks Tweets

The trade deadline came, went...and we're all still here. So are all the Diamondbacks. But there were also HBP, late home-runs and Jeopardy on the Twitter this week!

Tweet of the Week

There's something deeply satisfying to see a major-league player making what has been a SnakePit running joke since the Dodgers brawl! Now, Huddy, if you can just Tweet stuff about Troy Tulowitzki being awarded a triple, we'll know you truly are one of us...

Honorable mentions

Two minutes after the trade deadline on Friday, our GM Tony La Russa twweted this.

Fanbase trolling, level 8. Achievement unlocked!

The Games in Diamondbacks Tweets

Diamondbacks 8, Mariners 4

Diamondbacks 8, Mariners 2

Diamondbacks 6, Astros 4

Diamondbacks 2, Astros 9

Diamondbacks 1, Astros 4

Diamondbacks 6, Nationals 4

It's fun when the team gets into a discussion with their TV and radio affiliates!

And, the best use of emoji in a Tweet this week, goes to...

The Week in McCarthy Tweets