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AZ SnakePit Fantasy Baseball, Week 20

Two weeks left in the regular season, and the first playoff spot was claimed this week. Still much left to be decided, however...

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Week 20 results

AZ SnakePit 5, Alabama Slammers 4
The closest game of all time? Snake took BA by .2437 to .2436 to clinch this, as SB ended tied. AZ got three HR from Gutierrez, Cruz adding two and six R, and they had Pitcher of the Week Arrieta (two W, 20 K, 0 ERA).  Shields had a W + 10 K for Alabama, and Martinez two HR and six RBI

MyWieterGetzLongoria 7, Dirk Ziegler 3
Wieter continued to roll, polishing off Dirk handily, batting a monstrous .345, and piling up 14 HR and 61 RBI behind d'Arnaud's two HR and eight RBI. Donaldson and Sano had two HR and six RBI, Strasburg adding a W + 10 K. Hamels matched that last figure for Dirk, and Cabrera drove in seven.

Angry Saguaro 5, Trail-Hitters 5
Nothing to split this two, with Angry controlling the offense, but leaders Trail fighting back from the mound. Carpenter and Martin each had two home-runs for the Saguaro. Byrd and Ortiz did so to for Trail, who also got 17 K's from Kluber. Eovalidi got a W and 14 strikeouts for Angry.

Smell the Glove 3, Socrates Burritos 7
Upton's four HR weren't enough for Smell, who were swept in hitting, as Gatting had three HR and seven RBI for Socrates, with Brantley and Votto having two HR weeks. Kershaw had a W + 14 K for Glove, Rosenthal saving three, but a W + 11 K for Ventura and 13 K by deGrom took Socrates to a win.

Mizzoula Osprey 7, Rougned Hodor 3
A win and 14 strikeouts for Holland anchored the Osprey's pitching staff, as they cruised to an easy win despite only three HR (two of those off the bat of Beltre). Molina drove in nine runs for them. Rougned got four HR and seven RBI from Seager, and Melancon picked up four Saves.

CGS 1, What the Hellickson? 9
The week's biggest blowout could be decisive, as it allowed What to move above CGS and into a playoff spot. They swept hitting, Goldschmidt and Desmond homering twice, and took all the pitching points bar Saves, Garcia getting two W and seven K's. Jansen had three Saves for CGS.

Waffles 5, Yasmany as Possible 4
Waffles have Hitter of the Week Encarnacion to thank, as his six HR and 17 RBI almost certainly keyed this win, not least because HR ended tied. Moustakas added two W and 10 RBI, and Tolleson three Saves. Lynn had two Wins and five K's for Yasmany, Zimmerman getting three HR and 10 RBI.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
*1 Trail-Hitters 120-67-13 .633 - 5-5-0 14 41
2 Alabama Slammers 104-84-12 .550 16.5 4-5-1 1 46
3 Waffles 104-86-10 .545 17.5 5-4-1 10 40
4 MyWieterGetzLongoria 100-84-16 .540 18.5 7-3-0 5 11
5 AZ SnakePit 101-86-13 .538 19 5-4-1 3 15
6 What the Hellickson? 104-91-5 .533 20 9-1-0 9 30
7 CGS 97-91-12 .515 23.5 1-9-0 12 43
8 Rougned Hodor 99-94-7 .513 24 3-7-0 11 39
9 Angry Saguaro 94-99-7 .488 29 5-5-0 6 21
10 Socrates Burritos 88-99-13 .473 32 7-3-0 7 32
11 Mizzoula Osprey 88-99-13 .473 32 7-3-0 13 43
12 Yasmany as Possible 89-101-10 .470 32.5 4-5-1 2 10
13 Smell the Glove 78-110-12 .420 42.5 3-7-0 4 4
14 Dirk Ziegler 57-132-11 .313 64 3-7-0 8 15
Week 21 schedule

AZ SnakePit vs. Mizzoula Osprey
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Alabama Slammers
Angry Saguaro vs. Dirk Ziegler
Smell the Glove vs. Trail-Hitters
Socrates Burritos vs. Yasmany as Possible
CGS vs. Rougned Hodor
Waffles vs. What the Hellickson?

The penultimate round of games sees four of the top six face off, with Wieter vs. Alabama the ESPN Game of the Week (some regions will see Waffles vs. What?) After a five=game losing streak, Longoria seemed dead in the water, but they have run off six straight wins, including a defeat of leaders Trail, and one more could all but lock up a post-season spot. That will make them a tough opponent for the second-placed Slammers., who have now dropped four in a row, so are not exactly rounding into form for the playoffs.