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Diamondbacks 6, Athletics 4: Beercap, with guests

What's better than beer? Beer, with friends...

Mario Tama/Getty Images

Record: 63-65. Pace: 80-82. Change on 2014: +10.

Swept away by the Cards, that was less than fun.  Here's to hoping beer and a guest recapper can redeem these Dbacks.

Beer 1 (Turambar)  Modus Hoperendi by Ska Brewing
Beer 1 (Aragorn son of Arathorn, Lord of Gondor) Scottsdale Blonde by Huss
Beer 1 (Dr. LRRP)  Nitro Milk Stout by Left Hand
  • This will be a fun one.  Two wild friends, and beer aplenty.  I may die.
  • (Aragorn)I have one thing to say to Oakland, "Down on your Barabones and Pray, if you beat the D-Backs you will do 100 years before the mast." I have been watching a lot of Pirates Of the Caribbean today. 
  • Just insulted the Dr. concerning his job, my life is in danger.  Seriously, look up LRRP.  Offending such a man is a very bad idea.
  • (Aragorn) Turambar is trying to make up for the insult against the Dr. and is telling him he used to be fat but isn't now. Not working out well but what is working out is Oakland's ability to suck, we will win or we will all send them down to Davey Jones.
  • Not even an inning in the game and this might be the most bombastic article I've had the pleasure of penning. God help us all.
  • Speaking of god, here's Goldy.....who grounds out.  One inning done and 0-0
Beer 2 (Dr. LRRP) Red Rover by Sleepy Dog
Beer 2 (Aragorn) AZ Trail Ale by THAT
Beer 2 (Turambar) Barrio Blanco IPA by Barrio
  • Aragorn is holding court right now.  Hard to get in even one word between his stories and wild plans of success.   Energy incarnate.
  • (Aragorn) In 1942 the world watched as the two greatest armies the world had ever seen met on the base of the volga. Tonight is the equivalent, but Oakland is the bad guys and we will win. 0-0 they have no chance but to throw down their arms.
  • (Aragorn) Discussing hunting, Turambar is now Vaseli Zeitzeve and will be making the streets of Williams run red with elk blood in September. That being said AZ Trail Ale is almost as delicious as the Lord Emperor Goldy right now. I mean all I am saying is I wouldn't kick him out of bed for eating crackers.  
  • Offense would be nice.  I'd like that.  Maybe they just don't like beating teams 18 games under .500.  Sigh
  • Dr. LRRP silently is trying to enjoy this game, or at least digest the growing madness that is gradually overwhelming our table.
  • (Aragorn) The madness grows as the defense falls. Like Goku when he went against Frezza the first time we had no idea the Super Sayin was coming, Goldy will strike down our enemies and lead us to glory.
  • Aragorn is bad luck, its official. 0-2 A's and Aragorn laughs at my pain.
Beer 3 (Dr. LRRP) Nitro Milk Stout by Left Hand
Beer 3 (Aragorn)  Big Blue Van by College Street Brewering
Beer 3 (Turambar)  Dragoon IPA by Dragoon
  • Trying to find some silver lining to this game and the only thing I can come up with is the good company I'm with and the beer.  Sigh.
  • Another inning down and another go around with no runs.  0-2 A's after the third.
  • Goldy.  He'll save us.  He must.  Mustn't he? 
  • Apparently not, he's forsaken us.  There is no light. Only dark.
  • (Aragorn) As i leave early I part with these words, "Why does this happen to the Dbacks Aragorn? I wish that Oakland had not come to Az." "So do all who live to see such times. But that is not for us to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given to us.- Gandalf"
Beer 4 (pitcher):  West Coast IPA by Greenflash
  • Well things have quieted down a bit with my friends gone.  Now it's just a bar (OHSO Paradise Valley) surrounded by cougars, scottsdale snobs and douchebags.  I'm scared.
  • Still down 0-2 and our offense looks lost as lost to could be.  No amount of beer could make me forget such a forgettable performance.  Anderson is doing a passable job, but only just. 
  • Anderson apparently like living on the edge.  I swear, were it not for a couple lucky breaks the A's would be up by double digits.  Still 0-2 going into the bottom of the 6th.
  • Goldy, I pray to thee.  Crush our enemies, see them driven before us and hear the lamentations of their fans.
  • Well.......he kind of answers my prayers.  He somehow reaches first after striking out.  Not sure how except maybe Goldy's godlike powers bent space and time, allowing the pitch to become un-catchable.
  • Peralta!!!  Where Goldy hath failed, Peralta hath delivered.  Praise be unto him.  1-2 A's
  • Goldy doth beateth outeth the throweth aftereth a sacrificial fly balleth.  Praise be! 2-2 after the 6th
  • Mr. Anderson.  Apparently seeking out the Matrix like resolve to dodge bullets.  After 7 he's somehow still doing it......
  • Witness me!!!!!!!!!!  Hill does a thing!   3-2 Dbacks!!!!
  • AJ!!!!  Shiny and Dback!!!!!  4-2 Dbacks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Goldy giveth and he taketh awayeth.  Which Goldy hath we been blessed with this at bat?
  • Goldy, sees the pitch, and ends its life.  Its very existence expunged from reality.  6-2 Dbacks.  Goldy grows weary of your antics.......
  • Aragorn grows impatient.  He demands that I party with him, or else my life is forfeit.  I must away from this recap.
Coda, bells and whistles, by Jim

The eighth inning was low-key on both sides. Andrew Chafin worked the top of it for the Diamondbacks, retiring the A's hitters in order. In our half, Welington Castillo got a lead-off double but was stranded on third, and the team turned to David Hernandez for the ninth. Unfortunately, it didn't go well, as a lead-off single was followed by a one-out homer. I'm increasingly doubtful Hernandez will be returning in 2016, which is kinda sad. Brad Ziegler came in now it was a save opportunity, and another single brought the tying run to the plate. However, Ziegler duly Ziegled, dialing up a double-play for his 22nd consecutive save. Only J.J. Putz (28) has had a longer run.

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Barrel: David Peralta, +18.3%
Keg: Aaron Hill, +14.8%
Empty crate: Nick Ahmed, -7.1%

Fairly lightly-trafficked GDT, finishing just shy of 300 - seemed to perk up a bit, along with the offense, later on! GuruB was the most active, ahead of SongBird and JoeCB1991, with the others present being: Augdogs, Jim McLennan, MrMrrbi, NumberOneIanKennedyFan31, Oldenschoole, TryinToBeFan, Xipooo, asteroid, freeland1787, gamepass, hotclaws, onedotfive and shoewizard. hotclaws picks up Comment of the Night.

Ah, a good MST3K reference always hits the mark...  Tomorrow sees Jhoulys Chacin makes his second start, after a solid appearance his first time out. Can we start a winning streak? Find out then...