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Dbacks 1, Cardinals 9

The game started off poorly, and it stayed that way for the rest of the night. Robbie Ray struggled early, and ended up only going 3+ innings before Hale had seen enough. He gave up four in the first inning and was responsible for two in the fourth, which were allowed to score by Randell Delgado. Ray also gave up five hits and five walks. Keep in mind, this was only in three innings. As I mentioned, Delgado allowed two inherited runners to score, and in addition to that, Matt Reynolds gave up a solo home run.

The offense wasn't doing much better, only getting one run and four hits, two of them belonging to Goldschmidt, off Jamie Garcia. They didn't do much better against the Cardinals bullpen either, not scoring any runs, and only getting two hits.

As far as potential playoff hopes go, San Fransisco is losing to the Cubs at time of writing, so it looks like we missed a chance to gain a game there, and we lost a game on the Dodgers, who won their game. Also, we fell below .500 once again. Full recap to follow shortly.