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I was going to write about if the Diamondbacks were a contender, but Jim beat me to the punch and wrote about it yesterday.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

The nearly daily SBN MLB editor emails tell me otherwise, but it's really hard to find something to write about everyday for a baseball team, let alone every week. It's nearly September, I think we have an idea of what kind of team we're watching (sometimes good, sometimes bad, Goldschmidt is Godschmidt, et cetera).

Trade bait stories are always good for inspiration, but we're past the trade deadline and the D-backs aren't likely to make a waiver deal. We could talk about September call-ups, but that's still almost a week away. There's no point in calling for Dave Stewart's head because the D-backs are, well, kind of okay. Any new baseball food has already been discussed and meme-ified.

I could rank the Diamondbacks TV personalities over time, that's always good for a fight.

I could shameless piggyback on other, national writers work and write about The Wave.

I could throw out story ideas until I get to the minimum word count needed to publish.

I guess at this point in the season the realization I have isn't "will the Diamondbacks make the playoffs" or "what moves should they make" or to kind of side-eye other sports in anticipation of the off-season. Instead it's the kind of sudden and jolting realization that we're running out of baseball. Arizona has about a month left, and then there will be about a month of the playoffs, and then the Stark family's words will come true.

I feel like I should hold on to baseball as tight as I can and not let it go, because I know it's leaving me whether I want it to or not, and soon. There's baseball type distractions for the off-season, sure, but it's not the same.

Look, why are we reading this? Let's watch some baseball.