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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball Week 19

Just six points cover third and eighth place, and two of those teams will miss out on a playoff spot. The battle for the post-season starts here, folks!

Josh Donaldson: crap hair, but a fantasy god this week.
Josh Donaldson: crap hair, but a fantasy god this week.
Kelvin Kuo-USA TODAY Sports
Week 19 resullts

AZ SnakePit 7, Dirk Ziegler 2
Kemp had two HR and eight RBI for Dirk, with Rendon adding two HR + six RBI, but Pollick's eight R and four SB, plus a collective .305 average helped Snake cruise to a win. They also got a Win and seven strikeouts by Arrieta; Giles saved a trio of games for Ziegler.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 7, Trail-Hitters 3
Longoria pulled off the shock of the round, taking down the leaders in style. They were led by Hitter of the Week Donaldson's three HR and 13 RBI, with Sano adding four HR, driving in nine. Kazmir got a W + 14 K, as did Hammel for Trial, who got nine R from Revere.

Angry Saguaro 3, Socrates Burritos 5
RBI and W ended tied, but a sweep of hitting otherwise powered Socrates here; Alvarez had two HR and six RBI; Forsythe scored seven. Angry got four HR from Davis, and benefited from Fiers's no-hitter, but Cole fanned 13 for the Burritos, as they racked up 84 strikeouts.

Smell the Glove 5, Yasmany as Possible 5
The week's closest game saw Smell and Yasmany battle to a tie, the former taking BA by just .001. Glove got three HR and eight RBI from Cespedes - virtually all in one game! - while Kershaw racked up 17 K's. Possible got two W + 13 K from Zimmermann and Prado drove in seven.

Alabama Slammers 4, Rougned Hodor 6
The second-placed Slammers were also upturned, Hodor keeping their playoff hopes alive, thanks to Schwarber (three HR, five RBI), Rizzo (two HR, eight RBI) and Melancon (W + two Sv). Alabama had Pitcher of the Week Gregerson (two W, one Sv) and Iglesias fanned 16.

Mizzoula Osprey 2, What the Hellickson?
Hellickson kept involved in post-season chase with a solid win, Santana and Taylor each going deep three times, with their best mound performance from Kennedy's Win and 10 strikeouts. Osprey matched that by Liriano, and Kang had three home-runs in a losing cause.

CGS 2, Waffles 7
The ESPN Game of the Week saw Waffles hold on to third, in a game where neither side pitched well; Waffles' 5.79 ERA and 1.56 WHIP enough for both. Encarnacion had three HR and nine RBI, Tolleson getting a W + two Sv. For CGS, Ziegler saved three, Fowler adding two HR and seven R.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Week Waiver Moves
1 Trail-Hitters 115-62-13 .639 - 3-7-0 12 38
2 Alabama Slammers 100-79-11 .555 16 4-6-0 1 44
3 Waffles 99-82-9 .545 18 7-2-1 10 38
4 AZ SnakePit 96-82-12 .537 19.5 7-2-1 3 14
CGS 96-82-12 .537 19.5 2-7-1 13 40
6 MyWieterGetzLongoria 93-81-16 .532 20.5 7-3-0 5 11
7 Rougned Hodor 96-87-7 .524 22 6-4-0 11 37
8 What the Hellickson? 95-90-5 .513 24 7-2-1 9 29
9 Angry Saguaro 89-94-7 .487 29 3-5-2 6 21
10 Yasmany as Possible 85-96-9 .471 32 5-5-0 2 10
11 Socrates Burritos 81-96-13 .461 34 5-3-2 7 32
Mizzoula Osprey 81-96-13 .461 34 2-7-1 14 43
13 Smell the Glove 75-103-12 .426 40.5 5-5-0 4 4
14 Dirk Ziegler 54-125-11 .313 62 2-7-1 8 15
Week 20 schedule

AZ SnakePit vs. Alabama Slammers
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Dirk Ziegler
Angry Saguaro vs. Trail-Hitters
Smell the Glove vs. Socrates Burritos
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Rougned Hodor
CGS vs. What the Hellickson?
Waffles vs. Yasmany as Possible

The SnakePit take on the Slammers in the ESPN Game of the Week, fourth and second respectively. Three weeks ago, Alabama looked to be cruising to a playoff spot and a first-round bye, but they haven't won since, going down by a collective score of 7-20. Defeat here could see them drop out of the top two, and become part of the struggle for a post-season slot. Snake haven't put together consecutive wins since Week 9, but are 19-8 over their past three rounds, so have remained in the playoff hunt.