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Infield Chatter Episode 27

Awkward Googling: The Podcast

Things discussed:

  • The Diamondbacks playing out the schedule at this point, and not getting too worked up about short term peaks and valleys
  • The Dodgers had just gotten no-hit when we started recording. We laugh at them for a little bit because we can.
  • Somehow The Real World starts getting discussed, even though I technically started it I spent most of the conversation with my eyes glazed over staring out the window.
  • Which Baseball player or figure would appear on the Ashley Madison hack list? (Includes the phrase "Taxpayer Funded Wife", which makes sense in context)
  • Are you a Daria person or a Bevis and Butthead person?
  • While previewing next week's games, we wonder when the last time the Diamondbacks were on Sunday Night Baseball, which lead me to find out that EVERY SUNDAY NIGHT BASEBALL GAME EVER HAS AN IMDB PAGE.
  • I did something different for the stinger cause I could.
Download here, stream below