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Diamondbacks 13, Phillies 1

This game was over by the end, nay, the second out of the bottom of the second. The Diamondbacks scored 11 runs in that inning, and after that, nothing else really mattered. Fifteen hitters went to the plate, and Hill, Owings, Tomas, and Hellickson all got two hits. The first three of that list also scored twice, and Hellickson alone was responsible for THREE RBI. It was the first time a team had scored 11 runs in an inning this season, and the first time a Phillies pitcher had given up 11 ER since 1947, and the all-time record was 12 runs in one inning in 1938. It was also close to a record for the Diamondbacks, falling just shy of the 13 runs they put up in an inning in 2010.

Hellickson was also phenomenal, but sadly for him, it will get over shadowed by the offense. He went eight innings, and only gave up the one run, easily his best start of the year. Oh, and we're .500 again. So that happened.