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There's No Way We Can Do Better Than Last Night... Right?

Wrong :-)

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Phillies took first blood in the top of the first inning. They scored a run. What happened was Hellickson let a pitch get away from him and it hit Maikel Franco on the hand. He was pulled from the game, and Andres Blanco pinch hit for him. Ryan Howard then singled him home to put the Phills on the board.

That really didn't matter, though. What mattered was the bottom of the second. That's when stuff happened. Fifteen Diamondbacks hitters went to the plate. They got eleven hits, and eleven earned runs. David Buchanan became the first Phillies pitcher to give up eleven earned runs in a game since 1947. Not in an inning; in a game. Yasmany Tomas, Aaron Hill, Chris Owings, and Jeremy Hellickson all got two hits in the inning, and only Hellickson didn't score twice. Add to that a David Peralta hitting a grand slam, and you've got a recipe for a crazy inning. 11-1(!) Diamondbacks

After that, things started moving quickly, but there were a couple items of note in the next couple innings. In pretty blatant retaliation, the Phillies hit Paul Goldschmidt in the hip. He was fine, and the Phillies did it the quote-un-quote right way, by hitting him where it wasn't going to do any damage. The frustrating part, however, is simply that the Diamondbacks do this, baseball writers everywhere erupt into self-righteous posturing. It's done to us, and as far as I can tell, the only people who are saying anything visit this site regularly. But whatever.

The DBacks added another run in each of the fourth and fifth innings, continuing the utter dominance of the Phillies in this series. They didn't really need them though, but they were nice.

Lost in all of this is what Jeremy Hellickson did on the mound. He ended up going eight innings, seven hits, six strikouts, just the one run, and no walks. Even if the offense hadn't exploded, we probably still would have one this game, with a pitching performance like that. Fantastic game from him, both pitching and offensively. Hats off to him.

Source: FanGraphs

The Best of the Best: Chris Owings, 15.1%

Somehow managed to negatively impact this game: Jake Lamb, -7.1%

In the end, GuruB wasn't quite right with his prediction, but I'm going to give him COTN anyway because a) he was really, really close and b) made the prediction while we were actually losing. That said, there were a lot of other worthy candidates, and you should really go read them in the GDT

15-1 DBacks Win!

Reformed Lurker...once I started posting I couldn't stop!

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On top of the offense breaking out, the GDT also had something of a break out night. 697 comments between 28 visitors. Newcomer Oldenschoole lead they way with 85 comments, followed by SongBird and freeland1787. All present were:

AzRattler, BenSharp, Clefo, DeadmanG, GuruB, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Makakilo, MrMrrbi, NumberOneIanKennedyFan31, Oldenschoole, SongBird, The so-called Beautiful, TylerO, asteroid, bbtng, catbat, ford.williams.10, freeland1787, gamepass, hotclaws, imstillhungry95, makattack71, noblevillain, onedotfive, piratedan7, porty99, shoewizard

A televised, weekday, day game tomorrow, with a 12:40 start time. Be there to see what the Dbacks do now!