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Here's the beef: Welington Castillo is pretty good

Don't look now, but Welington is already the 5th all-time best catcher for the Diamondbacks. That's remarkable in a couple ways.

Matt Kartozian-USA TODAY Sports

When the Diamondbacks traded for Welington Castillo this season, he wasn't the focus for fans in Arizona. Instead, people focused on the fact that a team actually wanted to acquire Mark Trumbo, and that they gave up multiple living people in return. Sure, there was some pushback about Dave Stewart commenting on trying to fill the catcher need, but in Arizona the trade was really about subtraction, not addition,

Except a funny thing happened and Welington turned out to be pretty good.

It shouldn't be a complete shock, as he had a good year with the Cubs a few seasons back. He's certainly capable of hitting, as this season has shown, and moving to a hitter's park probably helped some as well.

The best part so far, though, is that he's injecting some fun in the team.

Oh, roll your eyes if you want, but you can't deny that him hitting dingers and eating Beef Wellington and being called Beef have been fun. Baseball is supposed to be fun. And in a year where the Diamondbacks are probably going to exceed expectations by finishing a little under .500, you need fun.

It helps he's been good, too. He's already racked up 2 fWAR for the season with Arizona, which remarkably puts him 5th on the all time list for the Diamondbacks. That both shows he's having himself a good year, and that the Diamondbacks have not had a great history for catchers.

Arizona's history behind the plate in a nutshell: Damien Miller, Chris Snyder, Miguel Montero. Those are the only names to mention that have any real significance. Maybe Castillo doesn't repeat this next year, but he's earning a place on that list.

I'm not going to think about what the future means, whether he's going to be our next catcher for a few seasons and help us get back to the playoffs, or if he's going to fade away like so many other players in summers past.