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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball Week 17

It was a rough week at the top as both the leaders and the current runners-up were defeated.

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Week 17 Results

AZ SnakePit 9, Socrates Burritos 0
Snake came within one Save of a total sweep, but had to settle fir a shutout. They batted .274, led by Cruz's four HR and seven scored, whole Arrieta notched two W + 11 K. The Burritos managed one home-run, though Brantley scored six and drove in five. Harper scored seven for AZ.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 6, Smell the Glove 3
Both sides batted over .300 here, but it was Wieter who prevailed overall, behind Hitter of the Week Donaldson (five HR, eight RBI), supported by McCutchen (two HR, eight RBI). Smell got two HR from Longoria, and Rosenthal got the only Sv here, but Archer's W + 17 K, let Wieter take this.

Angry Saguaro 5, Yasmany as Possible 5
The week's closest game saw nothing between these two. Angry had the edge in hitting, thanks to four HR from Carpenter and three by Abreu. Zimmerman and Belt had three for Yasmany, who also got two W + 11 L from Estrada. Quintana also struck out 11, as Angry. held on for a tie.

Trail-Hitters 3, Rougned Hodorr 5
An upset here, leaders Trail going to to Rougned; HR and Sv ended tied at eight. The sides combined for 24 HR, with Bautista (Hodor), Ortiz and Davis (both Hitters) getting three each, while Schwarber scored and drove in eight for Rougned. Smith (Trail) and Osuna (Rougned) each saved three.

Dirk Ziegler 4, What the Hellickson? 6
What got solid enough hitting to prevail, with Kinsler scoring eight times, and Quintana driving in five, while Pence had six RBI for Dirk. They also got four Saves from Giles, and Richards notched a W and 18 K's. However, Ziegler had Pitcher of the Week Price (two W, 18 K), and edged to the win.

Alabama Slammers 1, Waffles 6
Second-placed Alabama also went down, though R, HR and SB all ended tied. Wins was their only success, where Hernandez got two and 14 strikeouts. Otherwise, it was all Waffles: Scherzer notched 19 K's, Tolleson a W plus two Sv, while at the plate, Gonzalez had four HR and drove in nine.

Mizzoula Osprey 5, CGS 4
SB ended tied, and that was enough for Mizzoula to edge this one, behind strong pitching from Ross (W + 13 K) and Nelson (W + 12 K). Wilson vultured a W in addition to his Sv for CGS, who saw Crawford hit three HR and drive in seven, but fell short as Castillo and Tulowitzki each had two HR for the Osprey.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Trail-Hitters 106-52-12 .659 - 3-5-2 13 34
2 Alabama Slammers 94-65-11 .585 12.5 1-6-3 1 38
3 Waffles 90-72-8 .553 18 6-1-3 11 33
4 CGS 88-72-10 .547 19 4-5-1 14 36
5 AZ SnakePit 86-74-10 .535 21 9-0-1 4 12
6 MyWieterGetzLongoria 80-75-15 .515 24.5 6-3-1 6 11
7 Rougned Hodor 82-81-7 .503 26.5 5-3-2 12 33
8 Angry Saguaro 82-83-5 .497 27.5 5-5-0 7 19
9 What the Hellickson? 80-86-4 .482 30 6-4-0 10 26
10 Yasmany as Possible 77-85-8 .476 31 5-5-0 2 10
11 Socrates Burritos 73-87-10 .459 34 0-9-1 8 31
12 Mizzoula Osprey 71-87-12 .453 35 5-4-1 3 38
13 Smell the Glove 64-94-12 .412 42 3-6-1 5 4
14 Dirk Ziegler 50-110-10 .324 57 4-6-0 9 15
Week 18 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. Trail-Hitters
MyWieterGetzLongoria vs. Socrates Burritos
Angry Saguaro vs. Smell the Glove
Dirk Ziegler vs. Rougned Hodor
Alabama Slammers vs. What the Hellickson?
Mizzoula Osprey vs. Waffles
CGS vs. Yasmany as Possible

SnakePit take on Hitters in a battle of fifth vs. first. Recent form would favor AZ, as they posted the biggest win this week, while Trail could manage only three points. However, a longer-term view would still suggest the leaders, since this was only their third defeat in seventeen games. The other 14 rounds have seen them victorious, and by a margin of at least three points on every occasion.