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Snake Bytes 7/9: Summit

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Powered by A.J. Pollock and Welington Catillo, the Diamondbacks topped the Rangers 7-4 on Wednesday night, reaching the .500 mark for the first time since April 24, securing a share of second place in the NL West.

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Quick Quotes

"It was a good series on the road against an American League team, and this is a tough park to pitch in. We held on, and the bullpen did a great job for us."

-Chip Hale

"It's important to get to .500. It's important getting into second place like we are, but it doesn't matter until the end of the year. We're 1-0 tonight, that's always been my mantra."

-Chip Hale

"I didn't start paying attention to it until someone said it was over like 10 tries. I don't know what you could do more. I mean, obviously, we're playing as hard as we can and we want to be over .500, but it's bizarre how [we could] get near that .500 mark and then we couldn't get it. But it's behind us. Hopefully from here we can stay above .500 and go on another run."

-A.J. Pollock

It Happened Last Night

Diamondbacks 7, Rangers 4

Jeremy Hellickson was forced to leave the game after surrendering 2 runs in four innings of work and 85 pitches. It didn't matter. Arizona posted a five-run second inning and a two-run fifth while the bullpen managed to shut down the Rangers for the final three innings of the game. The win puts the Diamondbacks back at .500 for the first time since April 24, and gives them a share of second place in the NL West.


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