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Snake Bytes 7/8: Ray Shines in Texas

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Robbie Ray was dominating on Tuesday night pitching his longest outing of his big league career. The Diamondbacks' offense was powered by Goldschmidt and Lamb, and did just enough to give Arizona the win Tuesday night against the Rangers.

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Quick Quotes

"I just felt like everything was working, mostly my fastball command. That's something that I stressed in the last [bullpen session], and needed to work on. I was able to command my fastball to both sides of the plate."

-Robbie Ray

"I probably left him in one hitter too long, to give up that other run, but he did a great job. He earned the right to stay out there and pitch."

-Chip Hale on Robbie Ray's outing

"He works quick, he pounds the zone, and it's easy to play defense behind him."

-Jake Lamb on Robbie Ray

It Happened Last Night

Diamondbacks 4, Rangers 2

Robbie Ray turned in his longest outing ever on Tuesday night, doing so in dominating fashion. The left-hander went 72/3 innings, allowing only 2 runs and one walk. Jake Lamb and Paul Goldschmidt each did their part, powering the offense enough to give Ray the win.


By the Numbers

Diamondbacks Digest

Diamondbacks Agree to Terms with Alex Young

The Diamondbacks have come to terms with their second pick from the draft, Alex Young. Young has reportedly agreed to sign for slot value.

O'Brien Headed to AAA HR Derby

While his bat may have cooled off some since leaving catching behind, Peter O'Brien still possesses prodigious power. It will be on display in Omaha on July 13th when he takes the field as part of the AAA HR Derby.

Ziegler Unfazed by All-Star Omission

Once again, Brad Ziegler is having another stellar season and once again, Brad Ziegler will not be headed to the All-star Game.

Around MLB

Rays' High Bullpen Use a Secret to Success

It seems some teams are finding great success by turning the game over to short arms earlier in the game. For ‘pitters, the interesting part is where the Diamondbacks rank in the various bullpen evaluations in the discussion.

Toussaint Throwing 98

For inclusion in the dead horse file of conversations, it seems Toussaint has been throwing mid-to-upper 90s after all. After two starts with low-A Charleston, Toussaint is 1-0 with a 0.96 ERA in 91/3 innings pitched, having struck out seven.