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Dbacks 4, Rangers 2

Robbie Ray was the star of the show tonight. He gave up a walk in the first, but didn't allow a hit until the fifth. He shut the Rangers down all night, getting them to hit easy pop up, after easy ground out for the first seven innings. The eight wasn't quite so good. A Tomas three base error, a sac fly, a double, and an RBI single ended Ray's night, but Oliver Perez ended the inning, and kept the Rangers behind by two runs. There they would stay for the rest of the game.

The offense put the pressure on Yovanni Gallardo all game. Despite having two or more runners on in the first, second, and fourth innings, they didn't score until fifth, when Peralta got a triple, Goldy walked and stole second, and then were brought home by a Jake Lamb two out single. They added runs in the sixth and eighth to give them their final score of 4-2 on the night. Full, happy recap to follow shortly!