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SnakePit Fantasy Baseball Week 13

The last week before the break gets under way; will anyone be able to stop the Trail Hitters?

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Week 13 Results

AZ SnakePit 1, Yasmany as Possible 8
Snake suffered their worst defeat of the season, Sv being their only victory here. Pitcher of the Week Zimmermann led Yasmany with two Wins and 14 strikeouts, Lynn adding a W + 14 K, with a team WHIP below one. They also got three HR from Ramirez; Cruz had two HR for AZ.

MyWieterGetzLongoria 4, Rougned Hodor 5
The week's closest game just went to Rougned, after HR ended level. they got two HR from Moss and Bautisita, a tally matched for Wieter by Bryant. On the mound, Montgomery and Wilson both notched two Wins and nine K's for Hodor, while Archer fanned eight for Longoira.

Angry Saguaro 7, What the Hellickson? 3
Ortiz led Saguaro's offense, homering twice and driving in six; Gonzalez also had two HR for them, as did Machado for Hellickson. In pitching, both Robertson (Angry) and Perkins (What) saved three games; Quintana got a W and eight K for the former, Karns fanned 10 for the latter.

Smell the Glove 3, Waffles 7
Posey's trio of home-runs and Kipnis's seven Runs wasn't enough for Smell, as they fell to Waffles, for whom Grandal had two HR and Reyes scored six. They also got three Saves by Ramos with Pineda striking out 10. Carrasco gave the Glove a W plus 13 K's.

Socrates Burritos 2, CGS 8
Three players on each side had multi-homer weeks; Tomas (eight RBI) for Socrates and Trout (six Runs) for CGS were the best overall, but the latter swept the hitting categories. Pitching was more even, as the Burritos got a W + 11 K from Cole; Samardzija fanned nine for CGS.

Trail-Hitters 8, Mizzoula Osprey 1
Trail disposed of Mizzoula handily, though the Osprey hit a collective .314 for the week. They managed only four HR; Walker had two HR and eight RBI for the Hitters. they also got a Win and 12 strikeouts by Rodriguez. De La Rosa fanned ten for Mizzoula, in a losing cause.

Dirk Ziegler 2, Alabama Slammers 7
Hitter of the Week Martinez led the Slammers, with four home-runs and 10 RBI, backed by Calhoun (two HR, 11 RBI) and Moreland (four HR, eight RBI). Choo had three of Dirk's four home-runs. They also got two W + 13 K's from Buchholz, but Graveman won a pair for the Slammers.

Rank Team W-L-T Pct GB Last Waiver Moves
1 Trail-Hitters 85-37-8 .685 - 8-1-1 11 25
2 Alabama Slammers 72-51-7 .581 13.5 7-2-1 1 31
3 CGS 69-54-7 .558 16.5 8-2-0 7 30
4 Waffles 68-58-4 .538 19 7-3-0 13 27
5 AZ SnakePit 67-57-6 .538 19 1-8-1 4 10
6 Rougned Hodor 64-61-5 .512 22.5 5-4-1 14 25
7 What the Hellickson? 63-63-4 .500 24 3-7-0 12 22
8 Yasmany as Possible 60-62-8 .492 25 8-1-1 2 6
9 MyWieterGetzLongoria 58-60-12 .492 25 4-5-1 6 7
10 Angry Saguaro 62-65-3 .488 25.5 7-3-0 8 15
11 Socrates Burritos 56-65-9 .465 28.5 2-8-0 9 25
12 Mizzoula Osprey 47-72-11 .404 36.5 1-8-1 3 28
13 Smell the Glove 47-73-10 .400 37 3-7-0 5 4
14 Dirk Ziegler 40-80-10 .346 44 2-7-1 10 13
Week 14 Games

AZ SnakePit vs. MyWieterGetzLongoria
Angry Saguaro vs. Rougned Hodor
Smell the Glove vs. What the Hellickson?
Socrates Burritos vs. Waffles
Trail-Hitters vs. CGS
Dirk Ziegler vs. Mizzoula Osprey
Alabama Slammers vs. Yasmany as Possible

The ESPN Game of the Week sees third-placed CGS take their stab at taking down leaders Trail-Hitters, who have built a commanding lead for this point in the season. Both sides have four-game win streaks on the line, and it should be a good game based on recent form, because they have had very similar records over that time/ CGS have won their past four contests by a margin of 27-10, while the Hitters' tally in the past month is 28-9.