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Diamondbacks 4, Rockies 6

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Any real hopes of a four-game sweep died very, very early this afternoon.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Bad Rubby De La Rosa didn't take long to show up this afternoon. Indeed, six batters into the game, he had allowed six hits, and the Rockies were up by four runs without having recorded an out. Oddly, De La Rosa then succeeded on going on a tear, mowing Colorado hitters down like they were hay for a number of innings. However, another homer, one of the two-run variety in the sixth inning, made the score 6-1 to Colorado, and ended De La Rosa's day. He went five innings, being charged with six runs on eight hits and a walk with three strikeouts.

The Diamondbacks were not able to get much done against Rubby's evil twin, Jorge De La Rosa. The only runs managed were both off the bat of Yasmany Tomas,. who had his fifth home-run in the second inning, and a sacrifice fly in the bottom of the sixth. Our batters did better against the Colorado bullpen, with RBI in the eighth from Paul Goldschmidt and Tomas narrowing the deficit. The Diamondbacks got the tying run on base with both two outs in the eighth and with one out in the ninth inning. However, newly-announced All-Star Goldie was not able to come through in the final at-bat, striking out to end the game.

What idiot said, "I'm thinking we win the first three and then lose on Sunday"? Oh, that was me....