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Diamondbacks 7, Rockies 3

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Patrick Corbin got the W in his first start since September 2013. Can't complain at all.

Ralph Freso/Getty Images

Let me begin by reminding you of what I said in the preview:

You know what a victory tonight would bring us to the cusp of. But I've decided, unilaterally, that the best thing to do in that eventuality, is going to be for the SnakePit to ignore That Thing entirely. It will be treated as a no-hitter in progress, and any mentions of Said Topographical Feature, or any variations thereof, will be ruthlessly scrubbed from the site until it has been completed. We can all then bask in the glow of achievement thereafter. I think this is probably for the best: it's the SnakePit equivalent of the silent treatment. Because, let's be honest, talking relentlessly about it has clearly not done the trick.

That blackout is now enforced. You have been warned. As for the game, Patrick Corbin was just about everything you could have wanted tonight, even if he allowed a few more hits than we would have liked. He went five innings, giving up eight hits, but walked none, and struck out three. There were a couple of times where he looked wobbly, but a couple of helpful double-plays definitely assisted, and both his velocity and the movement on his pitches looked fine. He ended up allowing two runs, and could perhaps have gone out for a sixth inning, as his pitch-count was 76. However, better to leave 'em wanting more, and loud, sustained applause is certainly due.

A trio of crooked innings delivered the offense for the D-backs. An RBI groundout by Yasmany Tomas started things off in the first, and a Jake Lamb single made it 2-0. After Colorado rallied to tie things up in the third, Arizona put up another two-spot in the fourth, on a two-run double down the left-field line by A.J. Pollock. And in the bottom of the eighth, when the Rockies had scored off Daniel Hudson to make it a one-run game, the D-backs played pepper, bunting their way to three more runs, with the help of some Rockies' ineptness. Brad Ziegler closed things out with a 1-2-3 ninth, and we declared our independence in the form of a three-game winning streak.