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Game #81 Preview: 7/4, Arizona Diamondbacks vs. Colorado Rockies

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Patrick Corbin is back: what will his return bring the Diamondbacks?

Christian Petersen/Getty Images
David Hale
RHP, 2-3, 5.95
Patrick Corbin
LHP, 0-0, N/A
Charlie Blackmon - CF A.J. Pollock - CF
DJ LeMahieu - 2B David Peralta - LF
Troy Tulowitzki - SS Paul Goldschmidt - 1B
Nolan Arenado - 3B Yasmany Tomas - RF
Wilin Rosario - 1B Jake Lamb - 3B
Drew Stubbs - LF Jarrod Saltalamacchia - C
Nick Hundley - C Chris Owings - 2B
Brandon Barnes - RF Nick Ahmed - SS
David Hale - RHP Patrick Corbin - LHP

I imagine we will probably see a Patrick Corbin/Josh Collmenter/Randall Delgado three-headed beast of sorts, with neither of those bullpen arms having been used in yesterday's extra-inning thriller, and Corbin on a pitch count of around 90, which will hopefully be good for five innings. Oliver Perez and David Hernandez were also not used last night, so we do have options as necessary. I don't have any expectations for this one, beyond Corbin being able to throw the expected number of pitches, and walk off the mound under his own steam at the end of them. If he can do that, I'll be happy, regardless of the result.

That said... You know what a victory tonight would bring us to the cusp of. But I've decided, unilaterally, that the best thing to do in that eventuality, is going to be for the SnakePit to ignore That Thing entirely. It will be treated as a no-hitter in progress, and any mentions of Said Topographical Feature, or any variations thereof, will be ruthlessly scrubbed from the site until it has been completed. We can all then bask in the glow of achievement thereafter. I think this is probably for the best: it's the SnakePit equivalent of the silent treatment. Because, let's be honest, talking relentlessly about it has clearly not done the trick.

We may - or may not - also see the debut of Oscar Hernandez, who whenever he appears, will become the sixth catcher used by the Diamondbacks this year, and we're not even at the All-Star break. However, injuries permitting, that should hopefully be it for the rest of the season. I don't want to think of any circumstances under which we would need to add any additional ones, and Peter O'Brien appears to be sticking to his plan to make it as an outfielder, which would otherwise have been a possible scenario. Based on his performance so far, I'll be quite happy to see a lot more of Castillo the rest of the season, with occasional scattered outbreaks of Hernandez.