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Pit Your Wits: Week 13

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This is it... The final week before the first half is over, and the scoreboard resets!

Jordan Mansfield/Getty Images

Yes, as you may recall, the season is being broken into two rough halves, split into by the All-Star Break. Much like MLB, we'll be taking next week off with no new challenge being posted. Instead, there will be an "Award Ceremony"* honoring whoever takes the title of Top Pitter for the first half. So, lets see who made up ground in pursuit of that title!

A quick point of clarity, instead of copy/pasting each one like I normally do, I'm just going to link to the winning comments this week, because some are quiet large and would take up a lot of space in the article, and one of them isn't even loading in my browser for some reason. Anyway without further ado...

We have TylerO in first place, with his picturesque view of Mt. .500, appropriately forbidding, and also quite a ways in the distance.

In second, we have onedotfive, once again! Her representation is... less picturesque, but just as accurate in its own, crude way.

And last but not least, in third place, we have two two posters who are the main reason for me using links this week! We have benhat for his... quite large MS Paint representation of Mt. 500, as well ryeandi, whose picture I can't see on my computer.I'm sure it was timely, funny, and accurate however :-)

Now for the updated standings!











Jim McLennan-6









Well, that looks suspiciously like a runaway for onedotfive, with there being too many points between her and benhat for anyone to reach her with the next week. Well, I guess this week will only be for fun. Well, this is something of an annual tradition, or at least, I seem to recall it being done several times at the All Star Break. There is a lot of pagentry surrounding the All Star Game: The Future's Game, the Celebrity Softball Game, the Home Run Derby, etc. But recently, people seem to have grown bored with it. I want you to come up with a new event for the All Star Break. It can be fun, festive, making a mockery of the league, anything you want! It's up to you! And Happy Independence Day!