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Diamondbacks Trade Deadline: Stand still, dodge bullet

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The D-backs reached the trade deadline without making a deal. But for a while, it looked like a close thing...

Simon Hayter/Getty Images

Aroldis Chapman is still, at this point, a Cincinnati Red, with no trade having been consummated before the non-waiver trade deadline, at 1pm Arizona time today. It appears the Diamondbacks offered a package including multiple prospects.

This, implausibly, was not apparently regarded by the Reds as sufficient return, nor was it even the most lucrative package. Frankly, I find myself in the surprising process of agreeing whole-heartedly with Curt Schilling.

[He later clarified this was the "Reds stealing from Az big time," saying he was a "HUGE fan of Shipley." and calling him a future #1 or #2, in Schilling's opinion. That's good to hear; I think even Shipley for Chapman, straight up, would have been a bad overpay. Let's just compare and contrast these two closers:

  • Closer A: four years control, earning league min, career 85% save percentage, cost = Matt Davidson
  • Closer B: 1.5 years control, earning $8.05 million, career 89% save percentage, cost = Braden Shipley + multiple other prospects

In case you haven't figured it out, the first is Addison Reed at the point we traded for him in December 2013; the latter is Chapman. Is an extra 4% on save percentage - so, maybe an extra two saves in a season (and we'd quite possibly still win one of those in extras) - worth the cost? I'd really be hard-pushed to argue how that could possibly be the case. Heck, Brad Ziegler has an 89.5% save percentage this season.

Subsequent information, however, suggests Nightengale may have been misinformed.

That flips the switch on Nightengale's report, saying that's what the Reds WANTED, but the D-backs refused to those terms, which is a good deal more sane, if the case; it would certainly explain why negotiations ended up deader than a Norwegian Blue parrot. I believe Gambo subsequently said the other two prospects were Peter O'Brien and Brandon Drury; if so, at that point in the call, I'd have been laughing hysterically and asking them to put the real GM on the telephone.

Here's an interesting nugget though. Heard rumblings that our "super secret" wish player was Yoenis Cespedes, who ended up being dealt from the Tigers to the Mets. Part of the reason we never got in on negotiations there, was the result of Cespedes's contract including a "No Qualifying Offer" clause, which meant we wouldn't have the insurance of a first-round pick if he went elsewhere. The Diamondbacks apparently didn't feel "sure" enough about getting Cespedes on an extension, to make a play for him, so he went elsewhere. Might have been fun to have had him alongside Yasmany Tomas in the outfield!