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Diamondbacks Trade Rumors: Deadline day

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Three hours left. Will we buy? Will we sell? Will we, in fact, end up making no significant trades at all? We'll know before long...

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

A quick round-up of events overnight and early this morning. Let's start with the big overnight trade, which I'm sure will be of interest to one fan in particular...

Much closer to the Washington area now. :) It's the second consecutive season Parra has been involved in a deadline trade, as we sent him to Milwaukee on this day last year. That deal led to this nugget:

I'm not sure if the Diamondbacks are included in the 25 or not. Technically we did, having dealt J.C. Ramirez to the Angels for future considerations, but guess it depends on your definition of "deadline deal"; that feels more like a minor-league transaction than anything else. If that represents the extent of Arizona's efforts today, it's going to be a much quieter deadline for us than last season, when we dealt away not just Parra, but also Martin Prado. I get the feeling we are, if anything, more likely to be buyers this time around though... My colleague Chris Cotillo says:

That is in line with the public statements of the front-office... Which, based on previous track record, are not to be believed. Man, I'm so confused.. Will someone please tell me how I'm supposed to feel? But the one specific name much bandied around is, of course, reliever Aroldis Chapman. Steve Gilbert had some thoughts on that:

I am likely even less bullish than Gilbert on Chapman: I don't consider him worth the likely price, either in prospects or ongoing salary, and we would be better off looking to far cheaper alternatives in-house, such as prospect Silvino Bracho, who just turned 23 this month, and has a career K-rate of 12.9, with a K:BB ratio greater than eight. But, it seems, the front-office may have a bit of a crush on Chapman.

So, ulp. But there is some somewhat calming news...

If true, I am relieved by that development, because the Reds will be out to maximize their return and have no interest in helping us out from a sense of charity. Going to be an interest few hours, that's for sure, as the clock inches closer to 1pm, Arizona time, when the deadline is reached. Between now and then, there'll be much refreshing of the Twitter. I just hope nothing breaks when I'm driving to work: it's hellishly hard to update a post with one hand, while doing 75 mph in the HOV lane. :)

Don't change that channel; stay tuned, right here, for updates!


You'll find that Tweet in the dictionary, next to "horrendous overpay." However, there is some good news.