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Diamondbacks make proposal to Reds for Aroldis Chapman

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Aroldis Chapman's name recently cropped up as a potential trade target for the Diamondbacks. It seems things may have grown a little more concrete...

Doug Pensinger/Getty Images

Jon Heyman reports, "The Diamondbacks have made an offer for star Reds closer Aroldis Chapman in hope of landing baseball's hardest thrower... The Diamondbacks are said to have made a proposal, and are awaiting word from the Reds." No word as yet on what the package offered by the Diamondbacks includes. This is interesting, because just earlier today, team president Derrick Hall told Arizona Sports, the team wanted to get Brad Ziegler back to a more roaming role.

"Preference would be to have Brad be seventh, eighth inning guy, get the groundball double-play when you need it because he’s so effective there. Do I think he can close? Yes, and he’s proven that. So if he is our closer next year we’re very comfortable and confident going into it with that. But if we were to get a shut-down closer type, either now or in the offseason, that’s only going to help the back-end of the bullpen even more."

There's no doubt that we are interested, general manager Dave Stewart telling reporters in Seattle, "I'm going to go down that path, and see where it takes us," though stressed he did not want to do anything that would hamper the team's chances of contention in the long run. Clearly, the Reds - nine games below .500 - don't have much need for an expensive closer like Chapman, who is earning just over $8 million this season, and is under team control through the end of 2016.

My opinion has really not changed since our earlier discussion of the topic. Trading for "proven closers" is rarely a sensible idea, and while Chapman has been among the elite of that role in the past few years, I'm not certain a cost likely to be eight figures for next season, is going to be the best use of team resources.