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Guest recappers for July: sign-ups open!

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We're almost at the half-way point of the season, so here's your chance to do a July recap...

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For those who haven't read this before, the principal is fairly simple. You do the recap of the game as a Fanpost, however you want. It can be light-hearted or not; stats-heavy or not. detailed or atmospheric - it's all about your own voice. One of the editors then takes it, adds the bells and whistles like roll-calls and Fangraphs and it will then appear on the front cover of the SnakePit. It'll also be submitted to Google News, Yahoo! and a bunch of other outlets, so you can amaze your friends and impress your family! We'll be on hand to help if you have questions on the day.

Here's the schedule for July, which sees the team mostly at Chase, but there's also a series in New York against the Mets, if you're more o a morning person...  A couple of people had to miss out last month, so they've got prior invites, but otherwise as usual, it's open sign-up, first come, first served. To pick a date, just speak up in the comments, choosing your game. When I spot them, I'll cross the games off the list. You'll then get an email, a day or so before, with details. If you haven't done it before - you need to reply at that point, confirming you're still up for it. I tend to have more faith in repeat recappers!