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Diamondbacks 8, Mariners 4

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Tonight was one of those seemingly rare nights when the offense had a good night and the pitching did as well. David Peralta and Chris Owings led the way on offense, getting things going and keeping it that way. The highlight of the night was the sixth inning, where eight Diamondbacks went to the plate and they scored three runs. All totaled they tallied eight runs, on 12 hits and three walks. Not bad at all.

Zach Godley wasn't nearly as good as he was in his first start, but he was definitely good enough. He ended up going six innings, giving up seven hits, three walks, and three runs. It wasn't the stellar start we got from him last time, but it could have been much worse. The bullpen took over for the last three innings. Chafin and Hernandez held the Mariners scorless, but Collmenter did give up a run in the ninth. Overall a good game for the pitching, and a great game for the offense. Full Recap to follow!