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Dbacks 8, Mariners 4: Offense great, Godley less so, all works out in the end

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Godley wasn't as great as his first start (he actually has an ERA now) but he was hardly terrible, and the offense made up for any and all deficiencies.

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The Diamondbacks got things started off well in the top of the first inning. A. J. Pollock hit a one out single to get things going, and after Paul Goldschmidt flew out, David Peralta brought him home on a single. However the inning came to an end after Jarrod Saltalamacchia popped out to short.

Zack Godley responded with a couple quick innings. He sat the Mariners down in order in the first, getting two ground balls and a strike out. He then followed that up in the second with getting two ground ball outs to start things. Mark Trumbo continued to hit against his former team and got a single, but Godley ended the inning by getting another ground ball out.

Both teams teams added a single tally in the third inning. Goldschmidt singled with two outs in the top of the third. Peralta hit a double to bring him home. However, in the process, Peralta got caught in a rundown and was tagged out to end the inning, bringing the Mariners to the plate. Mike Zunio then proceeded to hit the first pitch he saw out of the park to cut the Dbacks lead down to 1. 2-1 Dbacks.

Ender Inciarte hit a solo homer in the fifth inning, but the real fireworks started in the sixth inning. Goldschmidt and Peralta got singles to lead off the inning, putting runners on first and second, with no outs.  Saltalamacchia did his thing and struck out for the first out, however Jake Lamb singled to load the bases. This brought up Chris Owings. He hit another single to score Goldschmidt and Peralta, bringing the score to 5-1. They weren't done yet, however, with Nick Ahmed hitting an unlucky ground-rule double that score another run. 6-1 Dbacks

Ideally, you want your pitcher to have a shut down inning following and inning that that, but unfortunately, you don't always get what you want. Nelson Cruz hit the first pitch Godley threw out of the park for a solo shot. Robinson Cano did strike out, but Seth Smith hit a one out single. Brad Miller then brought him home with a two out double, bringing the score to 6-3.

It wouldn't be enough for the Mariners, though. Arizona added another two runs in the eighth to extend their lead even more. Andrew Chafin and David Hernandez had good nights, holding the Mariners scoreless. Josh Collmenter had a bit of a rough outing, giving up a run, but ended the game with a double play to preserve the win.

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Bruce Campbell: David Peralta, 25.4

The Evil Dead: Jarrod Saltalamacchia, -7.8%

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