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Diamondbacks 1, Brewers 2

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Patrick Corbin had easily the best start of his return. Unfortunately, the offense was the very opposite of clutch.

Rick Scuteri-USA TODAY Sports

Let's start with the good. Patrick Corbin went seven innings tonight, allowing four hits and one walk, while striking out 10. That tied a career high for Corbin, managed four times during the 2013 campaign. He finished the night virtually at his expected limit, having thrown 88 good pitches... And, unfortunately, a bad one, to lead off the sixth inning, which Lyin' Ryan Braun deposited in the bleachers. The D-backs immediately appealed the play, and we're waiting for the urine test results now. After a scoreless eight from Daniel Hudson, Brad Ziegler allowed his first run in forever, a Brewer scurrying home on a wild pitch.

The Diamondbacks offense could do absolutely nothing productive against Jimmy Nelson, or when it looked like they might, a double-play killed the rally. This was most apparent in the third, when we loaded the bases with one out, only for David Peralta to hit a comeback, which started the old 1-2-3 twin-killing. We did get on the board in the ninth, a Nick Ahmed sacrifice fly scoring Chris Owings, but that was it. Ender Inciarte had three hits, and Paul Goldschmidt was on base three times, with a hit and a pair of walks.

Turambar will be along in a bit with a beer-cap!