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Diamondbacks 1, Brewers 2: Beer Before Convention-Cap

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Of course, we couldn't have a series against the Brewers without a beer-cap, could we? And we even have found an appropriately beer-cappy picture to go with it....

Norm Hall/Getty Images

Record: 44-51. Pace: 75-87. Change on 2014: +4.

Beer 1: HBC Experimental Hopped Four Hopsmen Session Pale Ale by Oskar Blues
  • Blah blah beer.  Blah blah blah gross.  That's Jerry telling me how awful this beer is when in fact, for a session, it's delicious.  Oskar Blues made a series of different takes on this beer, each dry hopped with a experimental variety of hops.
  • Got a convention in Orlando to get to early tomorrow.  Not looking forward to the mugginess, but I'm make the best of it.  In the meantime, there is baseball.
  • Corbin back on the mound again and some great Ahmed defense behind him helps keeps the first under control.
  • Gomez strikes out in hilarious fashion.  BP might hire him as a drill bit, as he was spinning so hard on that pitch.
  • Inciarte must be six kinds of pissed off after that HIT.  I put that in caps, because clearly the senior citizen foul ball dude didn't get the message that that was a fair ball.  LOL.  Much lol.
  • I'll take a double I guess, even a strange one like that.
  • Goldy battles and battles, like the Great God of Baseball War he is.  His efforts didn't deliver a hit, but a walk I can live with.
  • Pollack strikes out as does Perralta, but Goldy and Inciarte are on second and third......with Owings up.  Sorry folks, but I have very little hope in his bat. 
  • My fears are confirmed as Owings SWINGS AT EVERYTHING OUTSIDE THE ZONE!!!!!
Beer 2:  Dales Pal Ale by Oskar Blues
  • Oldy but  a goody.  It says pale ale, but this an IPA all the way.  Love it.
  • Jerry just informed me that the Brewers are the hottest team in baseball, to which I retort that they're cellar dwellers.  To which Jerry says "They're playing .500 ball!!!!!!  I watch TV!!!"
  • Jerry, who's entertaining as *&^% tonight informs the entire bar that he requires a joint.  Like now.  Good times.
  • Capt Steroid with an excellent fly-out ends the top of the 3rd.  Still 0-0 and still bitter about losing the playoff series to the brewers all those years ago.
  • Two hits and a double steal with Goldy up?  Perhaps the bottom of the 3rd will have good things instead. 
  • Nope.  Goldy walks and then Peralta hits to the pitcher resulting in an inning ending double play.  $^$^#@#**$#*&@&*@&@*&&@&$^&^
  • Corbin still putting up zeros and embarrassing Brewers.  God how I hope his careers picks up where it left off before the injury.  We need that to happen.
Beer 3:  Barrel Thief Imperial Oak Aged IPA by Odell Brewing
  • Needed to kick it up a notch considering our offense is gradually driving me insane.
  • Jerry and I are debating the merits of cheap burritos in this strip mall where Papago resides.  There is really nothing to debate, burritos are God's gift to mankind and drunk people.
  • Corbin at least keeps this team looking good and the Brewers looking bad.  A little offense would be nice. Still 0-0 going into the bottom of the 5th.
  • Nelson, despite throwing all over the place, is still running scoreless game.  How?  Damned if I know.
  • Corbin tries to be sneaky with the butcher boy at bat, but fails at life and hits into a double play.  Seriously.  How are we not lighting up Nelson?  HOW!?!????!
  • All good things come to an end I guess.  Braun ruins my night with a solo shot to right field.  Thanks cheater.  0-1 Brewers
Beer 4:  Hop Head Farms Experimental Hop Four Hopsmen Dry Hopped Session Pale Ale
  • I like these beers and they are nom nom nom.  Hurray beer.
  • Jerry is f'ed up and constantly insisting that we should go to the Jerry Garcia Memorial Disc Golf Tournament.  Yes, this is a thing.
  • F this noise.  Seriously.  We just can't buy a run.  Not even one.  This is madness.  0-1 Brewers going into the 7th.
  • Corbin leaves the game with 10k's.  To say this was an epic game for him would be an understatement.  The silver lining to this otherwise frustrating game.
  • Still another scoreless Dbacks half, yay.  This team drives a man to drink.
  • Closing out, this game is too damn long and I got to get up too early.
Beer 5 (to-go):  Habenero Sculpin IPA by Ballast
  • Yea I'm still here.  For now.
  • Alright, I got to go.  630am flight to catch.

Bells and whistles, by Jim

The eighth inning was worked by Daniel Hudson, who put up a zero, and the ninth by Brad Ziegler, who did not, as a single came around to score on a sacrifice, a ground-out and a wild-pitch. It was the first run charged to Ziegler since June 3, and I can't help wondering if it also being the first time Oscar Hernandez had caught Ziegler, might have played into this a bit. It proved a huge insurance run, as Chris Owings lead-off triple in the bottom of the ninth, came home one out later on a sacrifice fly by Nick Ahmed, but Welington Castillo grounded out, and the game was lost.

Ender inciarte had a good game, getting three of the Diamondbacks eight hits; Paul Goldschmidt reached base three times, on a hit and two walks, and Hernandez got a hit and a walk. But we went 0-for-5 with runners in scoring position, and most credit likely goes to Corbin, who tied a career high with ten strikeouts, and even though this was the Brewers, showed further palpable improvement on his return from TJ. That's some comfort to take away from a defeat which is all the more irritating for getting more hits and striking out fewer times than the opposition.

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San Diego Comic-Con: Ender Inciarte, +27.2%
Phoenix Comic-Con: Patrick Corbin, +22.8%
Confidence Trickster: A.J. Pollock, -24.9%
Con-fusion: Peralta, -21.4%; Lamb, -19.7%; Ahmed, -13.9%

A lightly-trafficked GDT, with 230 comments on a Friday night. preston.salisbury led the way, ahead of GuruB and noblevillain, with others seen including: Clefo, James Attwood, Jim McLennan, JoeCB1991, Majabe, MrMrrbi, asteroid, datr22, ford.williams.10, freeland1787, gamepass, hotclaws, imstillhungry95, piratedan7, shoewizard, soco, thunderpumpkin87 and xmet. Comment of the Thread to Joe:

A sign that your pitching is bad

Is when Owings manages to reach a 3 ball count against you

Cards/Bears/Suns/D-Backs/Yotes/Sun Devils

Carson Palmer, he goes long

Tomorrow, we'll see if the offense shows up. Rubby de la Rosa starts for the D-backs, on Randy Johnson Hall of Fame Bobblehead Night at Chase.