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Diamondbacks 8, Brewers 3: Strong pitching + lots of hitting = winz

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We interrupt your normal trade deadline obsessions and beanball arguments to recap Thursday night's game against the Brewers.

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After some disappointing games against the Marlins, the Diamondbacks had both the offense and the pitching on point tonight.

Zack Godley made his Diamondbacks and MLB debut, and did more than fine. 6 innings pitched, no runs allowed, 7 strikeouts and only 4 hits given up. His 7 strikeouts is tied for most for a Diamondback pitcher making their debut; the other to do it was Max Scherzer. I'm not predicting anything yet, but that's good company to be in.

Arizona hitting didn't waste Godley's effort, putting 5 runs on the board through 5 to put the game away and to give fans tacos. Yasmany Tomas started things with a solo homer in the 1st, and then 3 runs were added in the 4th with the assistance of some spotty Brewers defense.

Additional runs were added as the game went on, including 2 in the 8th to extend the D-backs lead to 8-0. It seemed like smooth sailing at this point, but Dominic Leone had a shaky inning and gave up a 3 run homer to give the final score of 8-3.

The Diamondbacks had a kind of interesting day at the plate. They scored 8 runs and had 13 hits, a successful day by any reasonable measure. Of the 24 outs they had on offense, though, 16 of them ended up being strikeouts. Obviously that's not the most of all time, but it's still a bit startling when you combine it with the end result. Arizona was either hitting or striking out, with little in-between.

Source: FanGraphs

Oreos: Zack Godley (27.2%)
Fig Newtons: Nick Ahmed (-6.6%)

Good to start a series with a win. Lightly traveled Gameday Thread tonight, likely due to large casualties in the Great Beanball War of 2015. A little more than 420 comments, with freeland1787 leading the way. Freeland was joined by: DbacksSkins, Docnoeld, GuruB, JoeCB1991, Makakilo, NumberOneIanKennedyFan31, SongBird, Sprankton, Xipooo, azshadowwalker, benhat, datr22, ford.williams.10, gamepass, hotclaws, noblevillain, onedotfive, piratedan7, porty99, shoewizard, soco, and xmet.

Tomorrow is a Friday, which means more baseball, and another game against the Brewers. First pitch is the usual 6:40pm start time, so watch it if you want.