Is Tankapalooza 2015 already underway ?

The way this team has looked during this losing stretch, you have to start to really low can they go. The way they have been losing is especially demoralizing, and regardless of what TLR says, this team is going to probably try to move a few pieces and shed more payroll.

They currently sit 21st place in MLB, 10th draft pick position

They are just 4 games ahead of the Marlins now for the overall 2nd pick in the 2016 draft. Considering the projected strength of next years draft, 2nd pick would be almost as good as first. (Even I don't think they can "catch" the Phillies)

Even if they don't fall quite that far, a top 5 pick is still a very real possibility......I almost want to say probability, but they are not quite there yet. FG has them projected now for 7th worst record in MLB

Baseball Prospectus has them projected for 9th worst record

Is this the lousiest fanpost ever, or what ?