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Diamondbacks deadline data: Rumor round-up

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In the first of an irregular series, as the need arises and the trade deadline approaches, we round-up the rumors regarding trades involving the Arizona Diamondbacks. Many of these may have cropped up in Snake Bytes, but I figure having them in a central location is not a bad thing.

Oliver Perez: probably NOT becoming a Met...
Oliver Perez: probably NOT becoming a Met...
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Team situation

Status: SELL. Things have tended downhill since the team arrived in New York occupying second-place, having finally scaled Mt. .500 by sweeping the Rangers. In eight games since, Arizona has managed just one victory, sliding six games back below even. They are seven games back of the Cubs and Nationals who are currently tied for the first and second wild-card spots; perhaps more significantly, the Giants, Mets and Braves all stand between the Diamondbacks and the current pace-setters, and are virtually tied with the Padres. Baseball Prospectus gives Arizona a 1.6%, down from a high of 9% on July 9, and Fangraphs a 1.1% chance of making the post-season.

Front-office statement: HOLD. Tony La Russa had been publicly adopting a cautious approach - though we should remind ourselves of the gap previously seen between front-office pronouncements and reality, which is bigger than the one on the I-10 to California. That said: here's what La Russa said: "We don’t want to put any limits on how well we can play in the second half of the season, but I’m not going to jeopardize anything that would take away from us being better in ’16, ’17 and ’18 going forward... "It’s got to be somebody that fits in and is going to be a part of what we do going forward. The rent-a-player doesn’t work for us."

Rumors, and rumors of rumors

On July 10, the D-backs did make Jon Heyman's list of potential buyers - albeit at #23 on the list of 23! Heyman said, "They've played beyond expectations with a lowered payroll but are realistic about their standing and unlikely to make a big splash at this point. They may be just as likely to sell but could check out the starting market, though they seem to have sworn off rentals." He adds elsewhere that, "Among the available are Aaron Hill, Jeremy Hellickson and Addison Reed, and they've gotten some interest in all three"

Monday say Ken Rosenthal write about a possible deal with the Padres, saying San Diego talked to us before the season began, "about a trade for outfielder Ender Inciarte and second baseman Aaron Hill and recently inquired again on Inciarte, according to major-league sources." According to Rosenthal there have been broader inquiries about David Peralta, but says Arizona "is not inclined to move either outfielder," according to his sources. Either would seem an upgrade for the Padres, giving them a left-handed hitter who is not a liability defensively, both areas of need for San Diego. But after their winter splurge fell short, do San Diego want to double-down and buy more?

The Pittsbiurgh Post-Gazette reports that Cliff Pennington is one of the infielders about whom the Pirates have asked. Pittsburgh are in need of help for their infield due to the losses of Josh Harrison and Jordy Mercer to injury, but Pennington is just one option on whom they have apparently kicked the tires: the Padres' Clint Barmes and A's Ben Zobrist have also been of interest. All three players could become free-agents at the end of this campaign, though Barmes has a club option for 2016. In terms of salary. Pennington is the middle option, earning more than double the cost of Barmes ($3.275m vs. $1.3m), but less than half Zobrist's 2015 salary of $7.5m.

Finally, Heyman's latest column, while not adding much of any solidity, did give me a chuckle. It mentions Oliver Perez as a possible trade-chip, but Heyman adds, "a Mets person mentioned he might be better off on one of the other 28 teams"!!